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My Clean Girl Makeup and Skincare Beauty Favorites

Today’s post is all about Beauty.  Some of you may know this, but if you’re new around here you may not.  When I first started Finding Beauty Mom, I was fresh off of working in the marketing department at Revlon for 10 years.  I went on to work at companies like Cosnova and blue mercury, […]

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Pottery barn dining room table, coastal home decorating ideas, vacation home style


It’s been a little over a year since we purchased our vacation home on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and it’s time for my coastal home decor reveal.  I can’t believe how much we’ve accomplished!  In the beginning, you have all that hopeful optimism and excitement for taking on a new project.  Picking pieces out. Imagining the […]

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benefits of plank exercises, plank challenge workout


SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOU TUBE CHANNEL HERE Hi friends! Today we are talking planks!! I posted this 8 minute plank challenge video to my YouTube page, but thought I’d share some plank information as well!   5 Benefits of Doing Plank Exercises Daily Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the standard plank.  It may […]

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lake como destination wedding; italy summer aesthetics, black tie wedding, best destination wedding in italy


    Oh my goodness.  This was the trip of a lifetime.  I’m still processing how amazing it was a week later.  Here’s the full story. One of Jeff’s fraternity brother’s  – one of the last one’s actually – planned and threw the most incredible destination wedding in Lake Como, Italy.  At one point, our […]

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7 Summer Health and Wellbeing Tips, summer wellbeing tips, blue one piece swimsuit


With every new change in temperate, there are opportunities to enhance your health.  Today, I’m sharing 7 Summer Health and Wellbeing Tips.  Summer solstice is next week, marking the official start of summer.  Each season has it’s wonderful characteristics and let’s face it, summer is pretty top notch. 7 Summer Health and Wellbeing Tips 1. […]

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9 minute toned arms workout; beginner at home workout under 10 minutes, upper body workout


I have been working on a few beginner workouts so that you can kick off your fitness journey in an easy and relaxed way.  So many of us are getting back into exercise routines after these past fews years, and starting off slowly and gradually building strength is a great approach. That’s why I like […]

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at home workout. Taylor Swift's Lover Album workout playlist. workouts to Taylor Swift songs


If you haven’t realized my complete love for Taylor Swift, then I’m here to officially go on record and let it be know to the world. I am a total Swiftie.  I’m here for it all.  For the heartbreaks, the Easter eggs, the songs that take you back to a specific feeling, the videos, the […]

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