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4 Minute Leg Challenge: Barre Burn with Bands

Who’s ready for another challenge?  I love these quick, fun, and powerful workouts that get you moving in under 5 minutes.  Today, we’re toning those long lean legs. 4 Minute Leg Challenge There are so many squats and lunges that you can do for your legs, but I love, love, love standing barre moves for […]

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inspirational quotes, self care quotes, january expectations, new year's resolutions, how to stop pressure from new years


While January has the reputation for newness and reinvention, does anyone else find it a little overwhelming? After the rushing, stress, highs, lows, excitement, anxiety, get togethers, dramas, and all the emotions of the holidays, the idea that you flip a switch and change on Jan 1 is a lot of pressure to put on […]

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mindful movements, arm and leg toner workout, 12 minute online workouts, kellie nasser fitness, free online workouts, over forty workouts


  It’s the new year and I’m getting excited about all what’s to come in 2022.  After a a great break, where we visited family and headed up to Vermont to ski with friends, it feel invigorating to get back on track and bring you all new workouts. One of the things you’ll be hearing […]

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why getting outside in the winter is good for you, vitamin d in winter, healthy winter tips, skiing in vermont, outdoor activities for your brain, mindful movements


How do you get outside in the winter? ❄️ 🎿 We were so fortunate to visit friends at their place in Vermont over the break. Nothing like catching up, getting outside on a winter day, and not having reliable internet to focus on human connection. Skiing is still pretty new for me. I love being […]

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    More workouts are coming your way.  It’s a crazy week, but fitting in a good workout is never a bad idea.  Today, I’m sharing my challenging plank workout! Why Planks are A Great Workout I like to pepper in planks throughout my workouts.  Why?  For starters, they will help with your posture, which […]

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17 minute barre workout, barre burn workout, ariana grande barre workout, low impact exercises for women, sculptone workouts, sculpt and tone workouts for women


  Hi Friends! I have been added videos to my You Tube Channel so you can workout with me more.  I’m slowly getting the hang of this video world so please, whatever comments or feedback you have please let me know.  Additionally, if there are any types of workouts you would like to see, leave […]

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