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7 Summer Health and Wellbeing Tips

With every new change in temperate, there are opportunities to enhance your health.  Today, I’m sharing 7 Summer Health and Wellbeing Tips.  Summer solstice is next week, marking the official start of summer.  Each season has it’s wonderful characteristics and let’s face it, summer is pretty top notch. 7 Summer Health and Wellbeing Tips 1. […]

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“She likes heirloom tomatoes and going to bed early”   That was a line I just read in this LA Times article.  I literally just bought heirlooms at Whole Foods one hour ago and if you know me, you know I’m the first to leave an event to get to bed at or before 10 […]

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Quick beach workout full body beach exercises beach body workout


THIS WORKOUT AND OTHERS LIKE IT ARE PART OF MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL.  SUBSCRIBE AND NEVER MISS A WORKOUT! We went to Puerto Rico over spring break and had the best time. For all the details on outfits you can check out this post. Between all the fun and relaxation, I got a few workouts in […]

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Poupette St Barths dress, What to wear on your next vacation to the Caribbean bean


  It’s spring break and we are off to sunny Puerto Rico!  I’m so excited for this trip.  We’ve been signing songs about it and counting down the days.  Usually, we go on a trip over Easter Break with with my in laws.  We’ve been to Amelia Island, the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Florida spots, and […]

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monthly reflections from march, best of march,


While I completely slacked on a February recap, I’m back on track to post about my monthly reflections from March. Was it just me or did it feel like a huge turning point? With spring came a wave of optimism that I hope you’re feeling as well.  One of the reasons that drives me to […]

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What to do when not feeling your best. 6 tips for a better mindset


We all have those days.  Ugh, this morning started out so gloomy it just triggered a grumpy mood.  You know those days I’m talking about.  We all have them! But you can rest assured that you are not the only one who feels a little down in the dumps every now and then.  I mean, […]

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In the beginning, this blog was all about beauty products.  After my days at Revlon and bluemercury, I had so much beauty knowledge, specifically cosmetics, that I felt I had to start my first blog posts with beauty pics.  That said, I wasn’t a girl who loved wearing makeup.  And even after looking at all […]

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