3 Ways to stay healthy this holiday season

November 13, 2017


  1. […] like you’re going to be healthy.  I shared my tips for staying healthy over the holiday in this post.  Getting your head in the game of positive, healthy choices is more than half the battle.  That […]

  2. […] to be a tough one.  I’m going to start with easing into it a few days a week.  I wrote in my post about staying healthy over the holidays that I started going to a 6AM spin class.  I want to keep […]

  3. […] frequently for a specific purpose.  This is my workout/athleisure/running coat and wore it in my staying healthy post.   If I’m heading to a class or doing my “run”, I’ll throw this on. […]

  4. […] on the weekend, or an entire day once a month.  Don’t burn yourself out to exhaustion.  Do a little maintenance along the way.  And find a healthier […]

  5. […] I have been writing down my daily affirmations to bring more positivity into my life {more on that here}, this seemed like a great way to celebrate the season.  I was searching for Christmas ideas on […]

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