5 Reasons Why I Joined Beautycounter

March 26, 2018


  1. Jen says:

    We’ve had a similar journey to Beautycounter. I adore their products. Dew Skin was a game changer for me! XO

  2. […] ingredient, which also makes it easier to spot with the paraben free call out.  Check out my Beautycounter favorites, or shop these paraben free picks […]

  3. […] south of our hometowns in NJ and PA, it’s a nice getaway for our families. Now that I’m a Beautycounter consultant, I love to leave out products for our guest to try.  I’m slowing using up the products in our […]

  4. […] that can help the planet and our personal health.   As someone who is gravitating towards more clean beauty products and trying to go green in other ways, I love hearing about favorite products and stores that offer […]

  5. […] I’m a Beautycounter consultant, I wanted to offer the service of safer beauty. The Body Oil in Citrus Rosemary is a luxurious way […]

  6. […] you may know, I am on the path to using clean beauty products.  Last year, when I started my blog, I was coming off of years working at Revlon.  Now, I have to […]

  7. […]  I have not made the choice to go vegan, although I applaud the dedication.  However, since I am an advocate for cleaner beauty products, there definitely is an overlap on the brands I love and use.  If vegan and cruelty free beauty is […]

  8. […] am making a commitment to myself to be better on myself.  From eating right, learning new things, using non-toxic products and more.  Each Sunday, I will be sharing a few self care highlights from the week.  Here’s […]

  9. […] second income stream of FBM is Beautycounter.  I am celebrating 1 full year as a consultant and is where most of my revenue is generated.  As a consultant, I make a commission between 25-35% […]

  10. […] safer products into everyone’s hands. I’m a consultant which you can read more about in this post. I’ve also talked about my experience […]

  11. […] you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that I am proud Beautycounter consultant.  What I love about the Beautycounter brand is the education pillar of it’s cause.  The […]

  12. […] very first Beautycounter purchase. I mentioned that I was looking into the brand a few years ago in this post, but wasn’t sure what product to start with. I was listening to the podcast, Fat Mascara, when […]

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