6 Reasons Why You Need a Serum in Your Beauty Routine

May 6, 2020


  1. […] I’ve made some updates since this post! Check out my posts: Reasons why you need a serum in your skincare routine and How to use a facial oil for what I’m using […]

  2. […] a big serum lover! I’ve shared Reasons Why You Need a Serum in your skincare routine and The Difference Between Serums and Oils.  Both those posts give lots […]

  3. […] I start with an essence to really hydrate and build up my skin’s moisture barrier. Next up is a Vitamin C serum for brightening.  This creates the perfect canvas for your makeup. You can already see the […]

  4. […] Loving this new serum from Beautycounter! I start my day with this great brightening, antioxidant packed product. If you need more convincing that you need serums in your skincare routine, read this post. […]

  5. […] usually apply at least my Vitamin C serum before Dew Skin. If you like to add more hydration, apply your favorite moisturizer. Additionally, […]

  6. […] – Essence vs. Serum: What’s the Difference – Why You Need a Serum in Your Skincare Routine […]

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