Essence vs. Serum : What’s the Difference?

June 22, 2020


  1. […] of water is enough – I don’t want to over dry my skin.  For my skincare, I start with an essence to really hydrate and build up my skin’s moisture barrier. Next up is a Vitamin C serum for […]

  2. […] I love using it with the full Countertime regime which also includes a cleansing oil, essence { this post explains the difference between essence and serums } the supreme cream, and an eye […]

  3. […] also create blog posts like this one to educate on the brand. As for my social media, I like to highlight a Beautycounter product I’m […]

  4. […] Essence vs. Serum: What’s the Difference – Why You Need a Serum in Your Skincare […]

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