Getting an Organic Eco-Friendly Facial

September 21, 2017


  1. […] met the founder, Sara Damelio, and received an amazing organic facial using her products.  I really like her Luxe Eye Balm and use it before bed and occasionally during […]

  2. […] We’re all trying to be a little healthy and pay attention to the things we put on and in our body.  I’ve been making a conscious choice to incorporate clean, green beauty products into my collection.  I’ve shared  a few of my favorites in this post and also received an amazing organic facial. […]

  3. […] of crystal and lymphatic massage.  I mentioned enjoying the lymphatic massage I received during my organic facial.  Incorporating lymphatic massage is a great and easy way to amplify your skincare routine.  Rose […]

  4. […] more ideas, check out my green posts here and […]

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