September 12, 2019


  1. […] up an item I’ve been eying for FREE!  I actually did that with the pom pom dress I wore in Santorini last […]

  2. […] this pic brings back so many great memories from our trip to Santorini. Since the summer, I’ve been on a reading tear so thought I would catch you all up on some of the […]

  3. […] Vacation: Our ten year Anniversary to Santorini + […]

  4. […] choice is the Charcoal cleansing bar . I used a Korres bar that I picked up from a hotel on our trip to Greece. Whatever you use, just designate that as your brush bar. Don’t also use it to wash your […]

  5. […] We have a few empty walls in the house that need some love. One area is the kitchen. This framed Minted art work will look great there. Plus, it’s a nice daily reminder of our trip to Santorini! […]

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