Why Clean Beauty Matters

July 13, 2019


  1. […] on or try for the first time!  I shared my makeup and skincare routine in this recent post on why clean beauty is important to me, but I will also highlight many of them […]

  2. […] few months ago I shared my beauty routine in this post. I still love Countertime and seriously notice a major difference in my face.  Now at night, I […]

  3. […] I have been wearing less makeup, I have been piling on the skincare! Brightening oils, body oils, serums, hair masks and more! I’m hoping to come out of this […]

  4. […] want to keep extra hydrated to maintain the glow.  You may already know that Beautycounter is a clean beauty brand I use and trust, but I’ll also mention here that the other products are pretty clean as […]

  5. […] second revenue stream is through Beautycounter. After becoming a consultant years ago, this is a top income source for me. During the month of May, the new client / email sign […]

  6. […] truly believe having a variety of skincare products will really do wonders for your skin. So adding an essence is a totally do-able step for a better […]

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